4Tucson Poverty Reduction Taskforce DirectorLynda Robinson

I’m Lynda Robinson. I live in Sahuarita with my husband and 4 fur-babies. I have 2 grown stepsons, one living in Ohio with his wife and children, and the other living in Tucson attending Pima Community College. My husband and I attend Grace Church of Sahuarita, and we are involved in quite a few ministries.

My resume includes a bachelor’s degree from Christian Heritage College, now known as San Diego Christian College. I received my master’s degree in School Counseling from Northern Arizona University and a Doctorate in Education from The University of Arizona in Educational Leadership. As is evident, I am a lifelong learner and am always looking for training opportunities to sharpen my skills. During my career as an educator, my passion was focused on helping kids to become the healthiest versions of themselves possible, with dreams and hope. I focused my counseling work on getting kids ready to graduate high school and focus on whatever post-secondary educational opportunities that would help them move in the directions of their own passion and dreams.

After 27 years in K-12 education as a teacher and school counselor in private and public schools, I went to work for an international mining corporation with local properties in Green Valley and Sahuarita, starting at the active mine site where my husband worked. I spent 8 years as a safety trainer, curriculum designer, and instructional coach for trainers. When COVID hit, the corporation placed us first at home to work, and within a month placed us all on furlough. Within several months, we found out that most of the employees in our department were being let go. What a time for faith building at the Robinson household!

During this time of faith building, I felt God leading me into working with something that would have Kingdom-building effects. I was introduced to 4Tucson by my friend Tracelyn who had just started working here. During the interview process, it became evident that the job I had applied for was not the right fit for me. After taking the Purpose Workshop, it was quite clear that the Poverty Reduction Taskforce was a much better fit for my spiritual gifts, talents, personality, and passion.

The Poverty Reduction Taskforce is focused on three key areas:

  • Increase the number of students graduating from high school
  • Increase the fulltime employment of individuals with high school diplomas
  • Increase the number of young people who wait to have children until marriage.

As we work in collaboration with others toward these key areas, research statistics show that the poverty of Tucson is going to decrease (see Sawhill and Rodriguez, 2016). The young people who match these three areas will have greater probability of moving out of poverty. I look forward to building relationships with like-minded organizations and individuals as we come to the table to communicate, to share information, and to identify resources that will strengthen our community.

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