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On Tuesday July 5, 2022, the Pima County Board of Supervisors passed a Resolution declaring its support for access to reproductive health, including legal, safe abortion services.

The Supreme Court of the United States overturning Roe v Wade did not outlaw abortion. What it did is allow states to determine abortion laws as we did prior to Roe v Wade. Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich has ruled that Arizona’s original law from before statehood, banning all abortions is now law in Arizona. Others, including Governor Ducey, believe the newly passed law banning abortion after15 week gestation should be honored. Regardless of which law the courts rule becomes law, abortion clinics in Arizona are on hold performing abortions.

Pima County’s new abortion resolution directs the County Administrator to:

a)   Ensure that a broad range of legal reproductive health services are available to Pima County residents through the Health Department;

b)   Convene community clinical partners from across Pima County for the purpose of planning, coordinating, and delivery of legal reproductive care;

c)   Work with partners in the county, across the state and nation to disseminate accurate information about sexual and reproductive health and advocate for evidence-based reproductive health care, including abortion services.

Reading between the lines, I see that Pima County’s clinical partners are Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers and that Pima County is clearly an advocate for abortion. Are our tax dollars going to be used to steer woman in crisis to Planned Parenthood so they can transport them out of state to abort their babies?

We at 4Tucson are aligned with the many pregnancy centers that give women in crisis loving and caring support so that they choose life. With over 62 million abortions being performed since Roe v Wade, 1 in 4 women in America have had an abortion. Ministering to these women who have been traumatized by past abortions helps them move on with their lives, knowing we have a loving forgiving God.

Biblically, government’s main job is to protect people, judge good and evil, promote good and punish evil. The Pima County Supervisors advocating for abortion is not promoting good. Protecting the lives of the unborn is protecting good.

A last minute initiate to put abortion on the November ballot failed to collect enough signatures. Pro abortion advocates are bent on getting another initiative started to get it on the 2024 ballot. Passing abortion by initiative will immortalize abortion in the Arizona Constitution. From now until 2024, the Arizona Legislature will be battling abortion legislation. Electing pro life people in the legislature and as governor is of most importance.

The primary election ballots have been mailed out. Want to know the candidates who are pro life - check out the Center for Arizona Policy Action Primary Election Endorsements. 

Video and story of July 5th Pima County Board of Supervisor’s Meeting.

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