Pastor Prayer Summit Grows

Pastor Prayer Summit Grows 1

Every year, pastors of multiple Christian denominations in Tucson gather together to pray for each other and for the city. When pastors pray from their heart and exalt Jesus together, God unites their hearts.

The first Three-Day Pastor Prayer Summit took place in the spring of 2009. For decades, Christians had prayed that pastors would be united in prayer. God led several pastors to put a stake in the ground and say, "We'll be there. Let's do it." To date, the Three-Day Pastor Prayer Summit has grown in average attendance from 20 to 60 pastors.

4Tucson's Church and Prayer Domain Directors David Drum and Brian Goodall initiated the first One-Day Pastor Prayer Summit in the fall of 2012. This summit now averages nearly 100 attendees. Not only have these summits grown in breadth, they have also grown in depth.

"In recent years we've moved from isolation to connectedness to trust," David said, after the most recent One-Day Pastor Prayer Summit.

The pastor prayer summits are making unparalleled progress toward unifying and mobilizing the body of Christ in Tucson. Thank you to all pastors who have attended and who will attend future summits!

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