Serving Community

4Tucson in partnership with GAP Ministries is offering a tremendous opportunity to practically reach those in need in our community during this uncertain season. Hope is birthed not only from the message of the Gospel but from the ministry of the Gospel as we are the hands and feet of Christ. Can we help you as you minister HOPE in this season?

Pallets of Hope

GAP Ministries is offering FREE of charge to churches and/or community organizations 1 to 2 pallets of unsorted, donated items from the GAP's Community Warehouse. These are donated items by Walmart, Target or Amazon but have NOT been sorted by our volunteer teams. Each pallet is a mystery gift from God, so neither GAP nor 4Tucson can guarantee the contents of these pallets.

Greg Ayers -

2861 N. Flowing Wells Rd #161
Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

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