“Water will gush forth in the wilderness 
and streams in the desert. 
The burning sand will become a pool, 
the thirsty ground bubbling springs.” 

– Isaiah 35:6-7 

Our Redeemer restores. In fact, the way we understand “restoration” is mild at best, compared with the sheer abundance God has for those of us who trust in Him. Most of the time, we talk about restoration in the context of remodeling a kitchen – a far cry from the restoration of our soul, a city or a people.  

We aren’t restored to former glory, like an old house. We are restored for eternal glory. 

The presence of sin will be gone forever, once we are in Heaven. But until that day we are children of God and citizens of His Kingdom, right now. Because of that, we know by experience the restoration of life in the desert is not just speaking of what happens to a land when its people repent and turn to God. It describes very well what happens within us. 

Because of Jesus living in us, we have been changed from an inner wasteland to being filled with life. And there’s more. 

God calls us to make Him great in the eyes of others, so that they would also have a relationship with Him and experience His abundant life. When many Christians glorify God, the culture around them changes. Even worldly authorities begin to recognize God’s ultimate authority – and His goodness. 

The restoration of earthly creation, if you’ve ever seen it, is an awesome thing to witness. God longs for all His creation to reflect His beauty because it calls to us. It evokes a longing to experience that same restoration that reflects Christ in us. We want to be who we were truly meant to be and do what we were born to do. We long to be His. 

That’s restoration: belonging to God, being His. Then the springs will bubble where there was thirsty ground, water will gush, and streams will flow. Everyone living here will see God reflected in His works of restoration. They will see a Redeemer. 

Will you pray with us? 

Father, thank you for the eternal life you have given me. Thank you for being my abundant supply. I want your life and your character to be reflected in my life and my character. Please prepare me to reflect you even more and please prepare my brothers and sisters in Christ to work together, as one Church to glorify you in the city where we live. And please prepare the hearts of the people living in my city to receive you as their Redeemer. May your greatness and your goodness be famous in our city. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen. 

We see a city aligned with God’s ways so that His peace and prosperity are experienced by all generations.

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