October 11, 2021
October 11 Government Domain Newsletter: FBI In Our School Board Meetings 1

October 11 Government Domain Newsletter:
FBI In Our School Board Meetings

“May he defend the cause of the poor of the people, give deliverance to the children of the needy, and crush the oppressor”!

Psalm 72:4
Dear friend,

As Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema is given no protection as she is being stalked and videoed in a restroom and harassed aboard an airline flight by left wing radicals. At the same time, our US Attorney General Merrick Garland has weaponized the FBI to clamp down on protesting parents at school board meetings.

Senator Sinema is open season to the radical wing of her political party. Her brave, courageous stance to keep the filibuster policy in place and her leaning against inflationary spending puts her at odds with the ultra left. Let’s get this straight, Krysten Sinema is pretty far left, just not in lock step with the “Squad”, Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi. That said, she is being harassed beyond belief while Merrick Garland and the Justice Department remain silent.

Merrick Garland’s Justice Department is putting FBI spies in your local school board meetings to make sure you, as parents, don’t get out of line. Now school board meetings can be contentious. Just 2 years ago almost 500 of us were standing in opposition to Tucson Unified Governing Board’s adoption of Planned Parenthood style Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) curriculum. I’m sure some feelings were hurt, but no violence occurred, nor has violence occurred elsewhere in the country. As we speak, many parents are attending and speaking out at practically all school board meetings throughout the nation to stand in opposition to oppressive mask policies, divisive critical race theory, CSE and an array of other issues.

The federal police getting involved in school board meetings is an open attack on local authority and the First Amendment. It is directly chilling of free and open expression of thought and speech. Sending FBI agents to school board meetings is raw strong arm politics that we have seen in communist countries.

While many of us parents are peacefully protesting the masking of our children, opposing the teaching of critical race theory and CSE, the federal government is aggressively promoting  mass masking policy while forcing federal employees, contractors and our military to submit to critical race theory indoctrination and ideology that is contradictory with Biblical principles.

Fortunately, we do have many excellent school district governing board members. Unfortunately, several school district governing boards like Tucson Unified School District are dominated with Planned Parenthood and teachers union supported members. You can see the results, failing schools and exodus of students.

Most school district governing boards will have elections in November 2022. I know God is calling Christians to run for this most important elected office. Interested? Contact me personally to see how we can help you find your calling and win in 2022.

Paul Parisi
Director-Government Domain 

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