Northminster Presbyterian Church helps kids get back to school

The Deacon Board at Northminster Presbyterian Church was informed that there were several children that weren't able to attend school at Cragin Elementary, because they didn't have any shoes to wear.

When the church heard about the students' need, they decided to take action. The Pastor to the Deacon Board announced the need for shoes in three services and after each service a table was set out for people in the congregation to respond to this need with donations.

$2,015 was collected that Sunday morning!!

On Tuesday morning, the church delivered shoes to the Cragin Elementary principal. Because of the amount of money collected, the church can continue to replenish the closet at Cragin as the need arises.

This is an example of a successful church-school partnership, a model that 4Tucson helps promote. This kind of service is exactly what Christians are called to do in Scripture; public schools and families are struggling and the churches in Tucson can help. So much can be accomplished for the good of all!

Interested in learning about church-school partnerships and other education programs and projects? Visit the Education Domain page.


Northminster Presbyterian Church helps kids get back to school 1
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