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At Movement Day Tucson, our focus is reducing poverty by addressing its root causes. Our goal is to have lasting, sustainable change. Our plan is to move toward transformational relationships that bring wholistic solutions to people living in poverty in our city.

We're looking for leaders who want to cultivate new growth in our city. We want Christians with a passion to reduce poverty in Tucson, starting at the roots and involving every element. Are you that leader?

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Get Trained in:

wholistic care

trauma informed care

service enterprise

transformational relationships

empathy mapping

school connect

Address the root causes of poverty to:

cultivate good soil

What areas, once aligned with God's ways, will create a culture of greater economic opportunity?

sow seeds of prosperity

Who are the leaders in key positions of our city that will champion biblical prosperity for those that most need to understand it?

produce abundant fruit

Imagine the fruit that would be produced in our city, if we came together with a biblical strategy and sowed seeds of abundance.

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