Movement Day Tucson

Collaborating Leaders & Community Members to Launch a Transformational Prototype

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  • Poverty Reduction Taskforce

    Addressing the root causes of poverty with data-driven solutions that align with biblical principles.

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  • Economic Opportunity Taskforce Taskforce

    Increasing accessibility of individuals to directly participate in elevating their standard of living.

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  • Learn More About Building Transformational Prototype

    This collaboration is spreading beyond our group and reaching out to the people living in the Amphi neighborhood. We are getting closer to sharing the first prototype with the community!

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  • 4Tucson facilitators summarize their groups' prototypes for the Amphi neighborhood.

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  • Video 2: "This is Amphi"

View Amphi March '21 Survey Results

Transformation Prototypes Written Summaries

  • Prototype 1: Resource Network

    Connecting all local resources together as well as a place where individuals can share their needs with the community's resource providers and be partnered with a mentor.

  • Prototype 2: Amphi Empowerment Hub

    Investing in Youth & equipping them to invest in the community through education and job training, keeping the community's youth involved in the Amphi neighborhood's economic development.

  • Prototype 3: A Community School

    A 24-7 education center for youth & adults. Includes job skills, the arts, micro-lending;  supporting organizations that cultivate a sense of safety, open communications, community re-investment & trust within the community.

  • Prototype 4: Branding for Amphi

    Amphi Coalition & neighborhood residents collaborate to establish a unique identity for the community, to build identity & pride in the community, help establish healthy economic growth.

  • Prototype 5: Asking Questions

    Learn why students are not participating in internship program designed to increase graduation rates & employment opportunities, learn how to draw students in to participate & envision a brighter future for themselves.

  • Prototype 6: Community & Relationships

    Providing resources that lead to relationships, developing individuals through relationships, and training those individuals to invest in others.


  • Prototype 7: Learning More about the Community

    Surveys that assess what is going on in the community; learning about the needs and desires of the community and hearing from them.

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