Thank you for being a part of Movement Day Tucson! We are continuing to build on what we created together. Join us for our next collaboration on February 19th.

  • Watch a recap of an amazing day!
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  • "This is Amphi"
    Join the Collaboration
  • Ways we Stay Connected and Help Transform Tucson

    Our Mayberry

    Businesses need customers, and charitable causes need donations. Our Mayberry helps them both with our Organized Mob Buying marketplace. The marketplace empowers any cause organized for any purpose to easily create and run a fundraising campaign online. Watch the video below to learn more.
  • Ways we Stay Connected and Help Transform Tucson

    Facebook Group

    See the ongoing discussions around transforming Focus Areas, Prototypes being developed and implemented, Strategic Alliances and get updates about Movement Day Tucson.

    Visit Group Page


    Download the app to get the latest on your mobile device: go the app store on your device and search for "Attendify".

    Once Attendify is downloaded, open the app on your mobile device and search for "4Tucson City Transformation" to join us!

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