Movement Day Tucson:

Convene with other Key Leaders

Collaboration is facilitated in two phases.

First, leaders will convene according to the City Focus Areas they are addressing. Poverty Reduction leaders will focus exclusively on reducing poverty and Economic leaders will focus exclusively on economic opportunity and development.

During this first phase, both groups of leaders will collaborate across the private, public and social sectors within their different focus areas. Leaders will leverage in-depth reports and Design Thinking methods in their collaborations.

After this, each group will share with the other what they have developed. This way, each group can focus on the area where they have passion and expertise, but also learn from leaders who work in a deeply connected focus area.

Movement Day Tucson is not just a day! Following January 22nd, each prototype will be tested in the Amphi Neighborhood. Throughout 2021, we will learn how to make improvements to these prototypes based on their measurable impacts in this neighborhood. The improved prototypes will also be launched into other neighborhoods throughout the city. It starts on January 22nd:

  • Celebrate Movement Day's impact in Tucson
  • Convene with other Leaders
  • Connect with diverse perspectives
  • Collaborate on solutions
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