Designing Prototypes to Transform Tucson, One Neighborhood at a Time.

At Movement Day Tucson, Collaboration is Facilitated in Two Phases:

  1. Leaders & Residents Work Together in Groups to Address a Focus Area Within the Community.
  2. Each Group Shares the Prototype They Have Developed.

Following the event, Community Development Groups identify the prototype that has the best potential to address the needs of the neighborhood's focus area and prepare that prototype for implementation. Once ready, 4Tucson Taskforces implement the prototype in the neighborhood, along with the community.

How We Design, Launch and Refine Prototypes:

Movement Day 2021 Recap

  • Groups collaborate across the private, public and social sectors within the focus area, leveraging in-depth reports and Design Thinking methods in their collaborations.
  • Following our two-day event, a specific prototype will be identified to be launched and tested in a Tucson neighborhood. Throughout the year, we will make improvements to this prototype.

Slide 1: 2021 Highlight Video

Slide 2: Group Leaders Introduce Prototypes

  • 2021 Highlight Video

  • Group Leaders Introduce Prototypes for the Focus Areas: Economic Opportunity and Poverty Reduction

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