Movement and Blessing 1

Movement and Blessing

By Mark Harris

Happy New Year Everybody!

This time of year I talk with so many people who ask me what my New Year’s resolution is for 2022. To be honest, I stopped doing New Year’s Resolutions many years ago. The primary reason is that resolutions always seemed to end in disappointment. According to research, by those who study such things, only 9% of people who set New Year’s Resolutions successfully complete the resolution by year end. I believe in setting smart goals, but the resolution thing seemed to hang over my head like a dark cloud.

So instead, I pray and ask God for one “word” that represents an area of my life that He wants to help me develop throughout the year. My word for 2022 is “relationships.” I could talk a lot about my deficits in that area, but we will save that for a later time. I hope you will consider choosing a word for the year that will be your focus in 2022 as an alternative to making a resolution.

Whatever you choose to do to direct your focus for the new year, I hope it includes making a positive difference in the Kingdom of God. It is with making a positive difference in mind that I am excited to invite you to participate in two unique opportunities this first month of the year.

First, Movement Day Tucson – January 20th and 21st at New Life Community Church of the Nazarene.

Movement Day Tucson is where we launch one new citywide initiative each year. The initiatives focus on a systemic problem in our city where we want to apply the wisdom of the Bible to create long-term, sustainable solutions to that particular problem. At Movement Day we will use a modified Design Thinking process to Observe with Empathy, Ideate potential solutions, Develop prototypes, and then, we spend the rest of the year Testing and Improving the prototypes until we get the desired outcomes we aspire to. We are very blessed to be working alongside the residents and local Amphi leadership at Movement Day. The Amphi Neighborhood residents will be helping us implement and test the prototypes that come out of Movement Day throughout the rest to the year. The Amphi Neighborhood has a population of approximately 7800 people with geographical boundaries being Oracle, Ft. Lowell, 1st and Roger.

In 2020 we launched the Poverty Reduction Taskforce. In 2021, we launched the Economic Opportunity and Development Taskforce. For 2022, we will be launching the Housing Taskforce. As you are aware affordable housing is a significant problem in our city. Does the Bible say anything about housing? How are we as Christians supposed to respond to the need for housing? Is the problem so deep and complex that it is impossible to be solved? Those are some of the questions we will discover answers to at Movement Day Tucson. Here is a link to register if God is stirring your heart to get involved to make a positive difference this year.

Movement and Blessing 2
  • January 20th
    • 8am to noon we will focus on Poverty Reduction.
    • 1pm to 5pm we will focus on Economic Opportunity and Development.
  • January 21st 9am-3pm we will focus on Housing.

If God is stirring your heart to make a difference in one of these areas, don’t wait for someone else to do it. Make a commitment to get involved.

Secondly, Blessing Breakfast for First Responders and Elected Officials – January 28th, 8am at El Conquistador Tucson Resort. Each January 4Tucson’s Government Domain hosts a breakfast to honor and pray for our first responders and elected government leaders. The breakfast for first responders and government leaders has been provided by generous donors. We believe it is important to pray for those in roles of leadership and to pray for protection for those who put themselves in harm’s way for our benefit. If you want to make a positive difference by praying for these men and women in our city you can register here:

Movement and Blessing 3

Activate your purpose, Connect with a citywide network and Join in the mission to address systemic city problems.

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