Movement Day Tucson

Collaborating Leaders and Residents to Design Prototypes
That Help Tucson Neighborhoods Thrive

Movement Day Tucson is a single-day event hosted by 4Tucson every January.

4Tucson convenes city leaders and community members to invest in a Tucson neighborhood by:

  • Observing the challenges of the neighborhood through research and sharing with one another;
  • Generating solutions for the systemic problems the neighborhood is facing;
  • And creating prototypes designed to help the community thrive.

Every month following Movement Day Tucson, we collaborate with leaders and residents in Community Development Groups. The purpose of these groups is to identify the best prototype for the neighborhood we're working with and the projects needed to implement that prototype.

In January, 2021 we identified Amphi as the neighborhood to work with. Branding Amphi is the first prototype and our first major project is: Amphi Market Day.

About the Amphi Community & the Plans to Help Them Achieve Their Dreams.

4Tucson is working with city leaders and residents to create and launch prototypes that help Tucson neighborhoods thrive.

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    Prototype 1: Resource Network
    Connecting all local resources together as well as a place where individuals can share their needs with the community's resource providers and be partnered with a mentor.

    Prototype 2: Amphi Empowerment Hub
    Investing in Youth & equipping them to invest in the community through education and job training, keeping the community's youth involved in the Amphi neighborhood's economic development.

    Prototype 3: A Community School
    A 24-7 education center for youth & adults. Includes job skills, the arts, micro-lending;  supporting organizations that cultivate a sense of safety, open communications, community re-investment & trust within the community.

  • Prototype Summaries 4-7

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    Prototype 4: Branding for Amphi - (First Prototype we are Launching in Amphi)
    Amphi Coalition & neighborhood residents collaborate to establish a unique identity for the community, to build identity & pride in the community and help establish healthy economic growth.

    Prototype 5: Asking Questions
    Learn why students are not participating in internship program designed to increase graduation rates & employment opportunities, learn how to draw students in to participate & envision a brighter future for themselves.

    Prototype 6: Community & Relationships
    Providing resources that lead to relationships, developing individuals through relationships, and training those individuals to invest in others.

    Prototype 7: Learning More about the Community
    Surveys that assess what is going on in the community; learning about the needs and desires of the community and hearing from them.

  • This Slide: Video of 4Tucson facilitators summarize all prototypes for the Amphi neighborhood.

    Next Slide: Surveys & Connecting with Amphi

  • This Slide: Surveys & Connecting with Amphi.

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    To help the people living in the Amphi neighborhood achieve their dreams, we need to hear from them! One great way of listening to the voice of this community is through surveys. Click below to see the latest results and learn a little more about this neighborhood.

    Fill Out the Online Survey

    Are you an Amphi neighborhood resident? We want to learn from you! Please take a couple of  minutes to fill out the online survey.

    View April Survey & Results

"This is Amphi" video

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