Mentorship Develops Resilience

Mentorship Develops Resilience

My passion in life is helping kids flourish. In education, my goal is to help kids get connected with the right people, the right resources, the right education, the right tools, so that they can just fly.

They can fly in their careers, in their relationships; they can be healthy, productive members of our society. They can be the movers and shakers of tomorrow. And that's always been my goal ever since I started as a brand new teacher when I was 22 years old.

Something that’s really important is connecting kids with good, solid mentors. I know as a fact, kids can become resilient. They can bounce back from adversity when they have some protective factors in their life. Mentorship helps develop resilience.

Lynda Robinson
Poverty Reduction Taskforce Director

4Tucson Poverty Reduction Taskforce

Addressing the root causes of poverty with data-driven solutions that align with biblical principles.

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