Tim, and his wife Melanie, moved to Tucson from New Hampshire in January of 2020 and quickly found their new church family at The Oasis Church.  As lifelong New England residents, they are enjoying the welcome escape Tucson offers from the cold Northeast winters. Tim brings to 4Tucson over 30 years of management experience in the signage graphics and display industry and a successful career as a landscape painter. He has a BFA from New Hampshire Institute of Art where he studied painting and focuses on landscapes and their inherent ability to display the creative nature of God. Upon graduation, he exhibited frequently throughout the New England area as well as online. His paintings are owned by art collectors in the northeast and California.

In 2018 he returned to school to get an MA in American History from Southern New Hampshire University where he concentrated on American Art of the second half of the 20th century.  As of this writing, Tim is completing a second MA in English and Creative Writing.  As a painter, historian, and writer Tim brings an informed perspective of the Media and Arts domain that will benefit Tucson’s Christian artists and media professionals to better experience their role in the Church, in God's plans for Tucson, and the power and authority resident in the gifts that God has placed in their hands.

Tim and Melanie have five adult children and four grandchildren. Tim also works at Veritas Academy teaching English to middle schoolers and maintains a painting studio in Tucson.  He is currently working towards exhibiting in the Tucson area soon. You can view Tim’s paintings on his website at www.tfloraditch.wordpress.com.

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