Earlier this year, Ed Noble changed his leadership role from Sports Domain Director to Community and Family Stability Coordinator. Community and Family Stability is one of three umbrella categories of 22 Focus Areas identified by 4Tucson.


Focus Areas are individually distinct categories within Tucson that are critical to its success as a city. (See table below.) They are a key part of the city-transformation strategy for Tucson.

(This strategy is already making waves! Tucson is being recognized as one of the 100 LEADING CITIES IN THE WORLD where God is working through Christians for biblical city transformation! Click here to learn more about the 100 Cities Summit.)


22 Focus Areas

Measureable Progress in Taskforces 1


Ed got to work immediately by recruiting chairpersons to lead several Focus Areas that fall under the Community and Family Stability category: Parenting, Poverty Reduction, and Fun Place to Live.


These taskforces now have chairpersons to lead them. David Porter leads the Poverty Reduction Taskforce, Tabitha Wright leads the Fun Place to Live Taskforce, and Edward Dennis leads the Parenting Taskforce. There are also a few new Taskforce Initiators: Cynthia Purcell for the Health and Health Care Taskforce, and Paul and Jean Samson for the Marriage Taskforce. Each member of these Taskforces has a calling from God that uniquely qualifies them for their roles.


Taskforces are teams of Christians that investigate and work to solve specific city issues in this way: Each taskforce researches the Focus Area they're committed to addressing, explores what the Bible says about that Focus Area, and compiles data into a research report. An action plan is then created to apply biblical solutions to the systemic problems within that Focus Area.


This strategic, biblical, collaborative work in each of the 22 Focus Areas will transform the entire city. And we are taking steps toward completing the teams that will make city transformation a reality.


This is how history is written for the kingdom of God in Tucson. You can be part of it.


You can donate or become a partner with us. We invite you to pray for more leaders and funds so that all churches in Tucson can unite to envision and implement biblical solutions to city problems. We want everyone in Tucson to be blessed.


To donate, click here. To partner with 4Tucson, click here.  


Share your story with us at info@4tucson.com.

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