Movmenet Day Tucson Allies

Generating Solutions: Taskforce Working Groups

We want the best prototype to make the biggest impact. Come to the next collaboration and invite a friend; we look forward to working with you all tomorrow!
You will receive the zoom link in your email after you have completed registration.

Join the Next Collaboration

Our goal is for our collaboration to produce a prototype for each focus area (Economic Opportunity & Poverty Reduction). These prototypes are for the Amphi Community; what we create together will be used as an example for other prototypes that will be launched in neighborhoods throughout Tucson.

Strategic Alliances

4Tucson Strategic Ally: any organization or agency that is like-minded (faith-friendly) that is working in or on a specific city problem and would like to partner with us.

It is these alliances that will launch the prototypes we designed together and measure the impacts of our prototypes, so that they can be transformational in the lives of the people we care about.

Please join us as an ally - you are needed here.

Become a Strategic AllyMovement Day Tucson Main Page
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