In a conversation about the condition of our city and country, a person I was talking with was building the case that it must be relatively easy to be the CEO of 4Tucson and how fortunate I was to be in that position.

He said, “4Tucson is having a significant impact in our city. I see evidence of it everywhere. People are talking about the positive impact Christians are having in schools, businesses, churches and other nonprofits.” He continued, “Everything 4Tucson produces is very professional and helps build a positive reputation for all Christians across our city. You sure have an easy job.”

I almost laughed out loud, but he was very serious. I thanked him for his kind words and thought to myself, “If he only knew.”

First let me say that the success we have had to this point is due to a great team of people who are 100% committed to the Lord and to the vision and mission of 4Tucson. Everything good that the community sees or experiences through 4Tucson is due to our staff, volunteers and partners. That is a great blessing and the easiest part of my job as CEO.

There is another side that is the not-so-easy part of my job. 4Tucson started as just a dream of a few pioneer-spirited Christians who were willing to trust God and jump in with both feet. As we have grown in influence, we have cautiously added to our meager staff. Because we are so visible, our staff works extremely hard to present Christians and Christianity in a positive light to the whole community. They only produce programs and projects that would enhance the reputation of all Christians across our city. To do that well requires money. I wished it weren’t the case, but it is.

As an organization we don’t talk about money much, but I find a great deal of my time these days spent trying to raise enough money to get us through to the next month. We may leave the impression that we have all the resources we need: we do not! We spend a lot of time praying and watching God provide for us over and over again.

Our board and staff watch firsthand how God provides each month. Many Christians may think that it is exciting to live on the edge and watch God work. It is, but then again it isn’t. It’s fun to share 0ur testimony of God’s faithfulness, but it is not fun being “the test.” Without “the test,” there is no testimony. We simply don’t have a lot of people joining 4Tucson so they can be tested.

Over the past several years, 4Tucson has developed a positive reputation in the community. We have a consistent, proven track record of biblical city transformation.

One thing that would make my job so much easier: if you would become a 4Tucson partner. 4Tucson partners are Christians, by their own testimony. 4Tucson partners agree to belong to a local congregation. 4Tucson partners agree to support 4Tucson’s mission with a minimum of $10/month.

We also have around 40 partners who have become our Friends for Life. Friends for Life believe in what 4Tucson is doing and invest $5,000 or more per year to advance the cause of Christ through unity in our city.

We could not exist if it were not for our partners and Friends for Life who believe in us, pray for us and financially support us. Our partners and Friends for Life are my heroes of the faith who encourage us to stay the course while our testimony is being shaped and formed by God’s loving hands.

If you are a partner, you need to know that we have accomplished a lot, TOGETHER. Thank you for being a pioneer with us. If you are not a partner yet, consider this: with your partnership we could accomplish even more.

If God has given you an extra $10/month or more than $10,000/month, we need you to help us financially. I believe the greatest part of our testimony is still being formed.  Wouldn’t you like to be a part of working with other Christians to make a positive difference in our city? Wouldn’t you like God to build your personal testimony right alongside us?

Our goal for 2018 is to enroll 1500 individual partners and 150 Friends for Life by December 31st. If you haven’t already, would you become a 4Tucson Partner by clicking here?  

If you are able to do more than $10/month, would you email me at One delightful part of my job as CEO is to meet God’s people who want to invest financially in the cause of Christ through unity in Tucson. I never weary hearing how God is working in the lives of His people.

Maybe my friend was right. I do have an easy job.

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