May 27, 2021 Prayer Domain Newsletter: Invitation to Prayer Fellowship 1

May Prayer Domain Newsletter: Invitation to Prayer Fellowship

May 27, 2021
Greetings fellow pray-ers,

This is my last opportunity to invite you to the Prayer Fellowship on Thursday, May 27th from 5-7pm. This will be the first time we meet in person and I’m really excited about it. We’re located at 5151 E. Broadway on the 17th Floor and we might even be blessed with the beginnings of a beautiful sunset. It’ll be a time of fellowship (munchies!!!), prayer and a testimony (mine). I hope to see you there. There’s a registration link below – it is not required but it is helpful.

Something else I’d like to share at the fellowship is a vision/desire/hope/dream (since taking this position) of somehow, someway unifying the many diverse prayer groups across this city to pray in one accord. When I share this idea one on one with people, I always use the example of rain. Imagine with me for a moment what might happen within Tucson if all the groups of pray-ers, warriors, intercessors, etc. prayed during a set time each month for rain. What might we see? Longer monsoons? More on this when I see you on Thursday.

This newsletter platform reaches people who are interested in prayer, are called to pray or are simply curious about prayer. You are all much appreciated. This request goes out to those who know they are called into Intercessory Prayer. Would you be interested in being part of an Intercessory Prayer Team whose sole purpose is to pray for needs within 4Tucson, as an organization and ministry? These will be requests sent out by me in an email and will not be in the newsletter. If you sense the Lord’s leading in this, please let me know.

Praying God’s blessings over each and every one of you!


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