Make a Difference

4Tucson has identified 22 city-wide systemic problems that we believe God will show us how to fix with long-term, sustainable solutions. The closer we help our city align its ways with God’s ways, the more the citizens of our community will benefit. We are all called to Make a Difference in our generation (Acts 13:36, Matthew 5:16). Through 4Tucson, opportunities to fulfill your purpose serving God and serving others in Jesus’ name are endless. We will help you make a city-wide impact.

Taskforces: Addressing Systemic City Issues

Teams of CityChangers work together, strategically in Taskforces. These teams consist of CityChangers from various Domains who address systemic city issues.

Taskforce Teams:

  • Research the city’s most difficult and systemic problems.
  • Examine the scriptures for sustainable solutions.
  • Create an action plan to address each problem.
  • Change our city and impact people’s lives.

There are a total of 22 Taskforces. The full list is below, organized in three main categories:

Moral & Cultural Heritage


4Tucson Goal: The citizens of Tucson valuing the biblical perspective and making decisions collectively and individually from a biblical point of view.


4Tucson Goal: Citizens of Tucson accepting their individual role in God's bigger story.

City Awareness of Positive Christian Values

4Tucson Goal: Fifty-one percent of citizens embracing and promoting shared values derived from a love for God and a love for our neighbors will have a positive effect on the city as a whole.

Normative to Go to Church

4Tucson Goal: Fifty-one percent of Tucson citizenry attending weekly church services.

Racial Reconciliation

4Tucson Goal: Bring the strengths of all races to work together for the mutual success of Tucson's citizens.

Pro-family Government

4Tucson Goal: A supportive government allowing citizens to make choices for their family unit.

City Infastructure


4Tucson Goal: Assure that Tucson has a 100-year water source for two million people.


4Tucson Goal: Become energy independent and an energy exporter to other states.


4Tucson Goal: Become a transportation hub for the movement of interstate and intrastate goods and services.

Access to Capital

4Tucson Goal: To become one of the top tier financial centers in the southwest where Tucsonans of every demographic have the opportunity to access capital

Economic Development

4Tucson Goal: Viable tangible opportunities for upward mobility, supported by public policy.

Natural Resource Management

4Tucson Goal: To manage the resources of Tucson for the highest and best use of people.

Land Use

4Tucson Goal: To preserve private property rights and ensure that publicly managed lands within Arizona are managed for the best and highest use of current and future Arizonans.

Community & Family Stability


4Tucson Goal: Making biblical marriage a valued asset for Tucson citizens.


4Tucson Goal: Every Tucson child being raised or significantly supported by a healthy father and mother.


4Tucson Goal: Become a community that values education, with Tucson area schools consistently ranking in the top 10% of schools in the country.

Health and Healthcare

4Tucson Goal: Become a community where Tucson citizens take personal responsibility for their health and where affordable healthcare delivery systems are innovative, inventive, patient-centric and the best in the world.

Poverty Reduction

Addressing the root causes of poverty with data-driven solutions that align with biblical principles.


4Tucson Goal: The availability of clean, safe and affordable housing for every income level of Tucson demographic groups.

Family Legacy

4Tucson Goal: Multi-generational families residing in Tucson.

Quality of Life

4Tucson Goal: The Tucson community being a great place to raise a family.

Fun Place to Live

4Tucson Goal: A community that promotes a wide variety of recreational/social opportunities.

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