Koinonia (Fellowship)

The basic definition of Christian Fellowship is that it is an act of meeting with those who are believers and who possess the same belief system. It is sharing of knowledge and the trials and triumphs of life among those who are chosen and called of God. Regular fellowship meetings are an essential element in a believer’s spiritual journey, growth and development. Fellowship has many different elements which need to be present for it to be recognized as fellowship. It is a word which has been overused to the point of detracting from the true meaning of Koinonia. It is commonality of belief, purpose and a bond through that belief and purpose which spurs one to serve for the shear pleasure in doing so.

            “We are created for community, fashioned for fellowship, and formed for family, and none of us can fulfill God’s purpose by ourselves.” Rick Warren

So, what is Koinonia to you?

Paul and James referred to themselves as bondservants of God and Jesus, and if you can comprehend for a moment what that means, we as believers are responsible for carrying the whole message of Christ. The Holy Spirit that gives you the authority and power to carry that out also equipped your brothers and sisters with gifts as well. In Unity, there is nothing they can’t do. We are all connected through Christ. We should long for fellowship and connection with like-hearted and like-minded believers.

To me, that’s fellowship.

Please take the time to read about this remarkable Non-Profit, Mentoring Tucson’s Kids.

From the Leadership to the Board and Mentors, this is a professional organization deserving of praise, respect and admiration. Join me in praying for this organization, its board, President, CEO and staff, it’s mentors and mentees. Please pray for the resources necessary for this organization to flourish  and continue walking our youth into the future.

The Non-Profit of the month for June 2021: Mentoring Tucson’s Kids

Since 2006, Mentoring Tucson's Kids has existed to locate, train, and support mentors to be the presence of Christ to kids facing tough life challenges in Pima County through one-to-one relationships. Our main focus is at-risk youth ages 6-17 living in single parent homes or involved in the foster care system. We recruit, train and match caring adult Christian mentors with referred youth for one on one mentoring for a year-long commitment, with an option to continue on as an alumni match after the first year. Mentors and youth are matched based upon personality and interests. Mentors and their mentees set goals together and spend time together weekly to work on these goals. They are also invited to attend monthly events planned by Mentoring Tucson's Kids such as an annual fishing trip to Patagonia Lake, University of Arizona athletic games, photography lessons by Parks In Focus, dance and art events, educational activities, community service events, etc. Matches also meet with the mentor coordinator to review progress at 3, 6, and 12 months, and mentors send monthly contact reports to the mentor coordinator for oversight. With everything going on in our world today, mentors are needed more now than ever. Mentoring is a fun way to give back, be a blessing and be blessed. If you have a heart to make a difference in a child's life or know someone who does, please share about our mentoring program. If you're not able to mentor, but would like to get involved, we have several other ways to volunteer. Please visit our website at www.mentoringtucsonskids.org or contact us at (520) 624-4765 or info@mentoringtucsonskids.org. Thank you! 🙂 

Mary McGuire

Executive Director 
Mentoring Tucson's Kids
Are you passionate about supporting youth in our community?
Consider mentoring with Mentoring Tucson's Kids, volunteering or giving financially here!

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Arizona Youth Partnership’s mission is to build solid foundations for youth and families by partnering with Arizona communities to prevent and solve local issues such as substance abuse, youth homelessness, lack of educational opportunities, teen pregnancy, and challenging family dynamics.

Established in 1990 to serve and support adolescents and their families in the Tucson metro area, AZYP has grown into a statewide non-profit agency serving families in 11Arizona counties. In Pima County, we offer healthy relationship and life skills programming in many local school districts and at various community locations; a drug diversion program called Wake Up!; and programming to educate and support pregnant and parenting adolescents. This program, called Starting Out Right (SOR), also includes services for pregnant and parenting adolescents who are experiencing homelessness.

The following is the story of one of our current Starting Out Right participants.

Jackie had dropped out of school in the middle of her junior year. Problems at home made studying and keeping a job and not knowing what each day at home would bring brought additional stress. Jackie was able move into her boyfriend’s home and settle into a new routine with his family, although at times,things got heated. When Jackie was 18years old, she found out she was pregnant. Unfortunately,her boyfriend wanted nothing to do with the baby, and his family was angry at them for becoming pregnant. With nowhere to go, Jackie went to her parents, who were not willing to help care for her or her soon to be born baby. Finding temporary housing with a relative, Jackie was able to continue working and preparing for the arrival of her baby. Everything was going great until the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March of 2020. Jackie lost her job, and the relative with which she was living was unable to make an income or receive unemployment. Tensions became high as the crisis stretched from weeks to months, and Jackie began to fear for her safety as the home environment became less and less stable. Facing uncertainty and homelessness, she found her way to the Starting Out Right program. Jackie,and her daughter, now 9 months old, were recently placed in a volunteer host home and they are thriving with the support of their AZYP case manager and host family. Jackie is now working on her GED, she has established new employment, and she has hope for a brighter future.Jackie’s case manager from Arizona Youth Partnership added,“the opportunity to live in a safe, stable environment will give Jackie and her daughter a chance to focus on improving her life; and her positive attitude will help her achieve her goals and provide for her daughter”.

There are many needs in our community. The Starting Out Right Homeless Parenting Youth Program (SOR HPYP)is a tangible way to support those in need during a difficult time. SOR HPYP’s host home opportunity is an innovative solution to the housing crisis many pregnant and parenting adolescent are facing in our community. Host Home volunteers can help address this crisis by welcoming young families into their home while they take steps towards independence. Caring adults with an extra bedroom can be the difference in a young family’s life. Host Home volunteers are trained and supported to provide a stable, transitional living arrangement for single pregnant or parenting adolescent and their child. Participants receive in-home case management and educational services from our case managers, including guidance to reach their goals while living in a stable environment. Participant sup through age 21 can receive the program services and can remain in the host home for up to18 months.

For more information on how you can become a host family to provide safe housing and support to a young family as they work toward becoming stable and self-sufficient, please contact us at sor@azyp.orgor visit our website at https://azyp.org/program/hpyp/.

Laura Pedersen 520-719-2014 (office) 520-360-9929 (cell)

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