Kingdom Cultures Part 3: How Kingdom stories give Christians courage

kingdom cultures encourage Christians to fulfill God's calling in their livesIt takes faith to respond to God's calling. This is true not only for salvation, but for believers advancing the Kingdom. Every Christian needs courage to fulfill God's unique life calling for them.

That means facing personal fears and walking in faith. With that, it's a great help to understand that fear often stems from trying to fulfill God's calling with human strength and wisdom. So why do Kingdom stories help?

Because testimonies of God being active in the everyday lives of Christians changes the focus from what we can do to what He is doingThe natural result is that Christians are free from fear.

“Change is change, risk is risk," said Glen Elliot, lead pastor of Pantano Christian Church, "But, when you realize that you’re not the only one, it makes it a whole lot better.”

Pastor Elliot is seeing congregants of Pantano embrace the challenges the come with entering the mission field. Many believers there volunteer with various organizations in Tucson, and it fills their hearts with joy. When these Christians share their Kingdom stories of how God touched lives through them, that joy becomes contagious.

So then, Christians who share the Kingdom stories contribute to the lifeline of Kingdom Cultures. In this way, believers see the truth: that a life calling can be fulfilled, here and now. Suddenly, everything becomes possible in Christ for every believer formerly struggling with fear.

And this renewed hope spreads like wildfire within churches. Already Tucson churches are working together in unprecedented ways. (To see an example, click on the video clip to the right.)

“I really believe the Church is the hope of the world." - Pastor Glen Elliot

Kingdom Cultures Inspire Christians to Fulfill God's callingThis Kingdom culture builds momentum. As more stories are lived, more are shared. And as more Christians shift their focus away from human limitations, hope is placed in Jesus' strength and willingness to accomplish great things for the Kingdom through each individual life.

This is why the stories of God need to be told, over and over again, so hope continues to rise within every church throughout the whole city.

Be a part of building this Kingdom culture, and build momentum here in Tucson. As Pastor Elliott said, “The church is the people of God. It’s not a meeting place, it’s not a huddle. We are the Church and God wants to launch His Church, His people into the world to bring His influence into the world. That’s why we exist.”

Join us, and see what God has in store for you! To follow Glen Elliot's blog, click here.

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