Kingdom Culture Part 2: How to experience the joys of a fulfilled Kingdom purpose.

“And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works,” – Hebrews 10:24

Kingdom Culture Transforms Lives in Tucson 1

“The Kingdom of Heaven is like…” began many of the parables Jesus taught. Perhaps one reason for this is because we are all homesick – we long for the Kingdom.

After all, in Heaven, we will be face-to-face with God. We will be free from the presence of sin. We will love perfectly and live in perfect unity. Until then, we have the unique opportunity to embrace the Kingdom life here on earth.

So, what does that mean for you and me?

It means overcoming fear. Not just the idea of fear – but what you and I personally fear. Choosing to live from the Spirit in a dark and fearful world is a dangerous proposition. That's because it means finding peace and joy outside of a world seeking peace and joy within itself.

“In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.” – John 1:4-5

When we choose this life, we experience the Kingdom stories that inspired us to act in faith. And our stories call others to live out of His Abundant Life too. Experiencing Jesus working through our lives is the most rewarding life we can possibly have, even with its dangers and struggles.

Glen Elliott, lead Pastor of Pantano Christian Church, has seen for himself the transformation of believers who answer God’s call in their lives. As those people walk in faith and become fully engaged in serving their communities, they sow seeds in communities all over Tucson and they see the fruit of God’s work through them.

Kingdom Culture Transforms Lives in Tucson 2

“What they’ll tell you is the stories of life change that they got to see. They get to actually see the impact, not just of what they’re doing, but what the Church is doing. They get to see the life change.” – Pastor Elliott

Members of Pantano Christian Church partner with Christians from other churches and pool their resources and their wisdom to serve communities in need. They fellowship in the hard work and in the joy of advancing the Kingdom. They witness the transformation of the lives of people God touches through their acts of service.

“If you really want to help people change,” Pastor Elliott said, “you’ve got to create a culture that facilitates it.”

4Tucson is partnered with many churches in Tucson. We hear stories of God transforming lives throughout the whole city. When churches join together to serve communities of people not connected to God, we see Jesus’ prayer in John 17 answered. And the city experiences the goodness of our Father in Heaven.

Pantano Christian Church is living its mission of, “loving people to Jesus, launching passionate people to make our world different.” Evidence of the congregants’ work in Tucson bears this out. (CLICK HERE to see how!)

When people who don’t know Jesus are served by Christians who give freely of their time and talents with joy, they see a wellspring of life, and ask where they can get it. As Jesus taught in Matthew 5:16, “Let your light so shine before men that they see your good works and glorify your Father who is in Heaven.”

“We’ve created a culture where people expect change. The truth of the gospel doesn’t change. But how we go about presenting it, the programs that we use, the systems, the methodologies have to keep changing, or the church dies. It’s always about being generous, giving away. ” – Pastor Elliott

Pantano Christian Church is one of many of our church partners. And there are many stories of churches uniting to engage and serve their communities. Whether you join with 4Tucson, or serve elsewhere, you have a calling and the mission field is right here. We encourage you to answer His call in your life and experience the rewards of being the hands and feet of Jesus to the communities in Tucson.

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