July 13, 2021 Prayer Domain Newsletter: 10 Days of Prayer - Revival 1

July Prayer Domain Newsletter:
10 Days of Prayer - Revival

July 13, 2021
Dear Pray-ers,

Not too long ago I had a conversation about revival. We’ve all heard these words before: “Tucson needs revival. There must be revival in our churches. When will the Lord grow “weary” of what is going on and bring judgement? People must turn back to God!” Sound familiar? This has been weighing on my mind for a while. So, what are we saying when we emphatically and passionately state the need for revival? “Lord, please do something, in your people, in this city.  Lord, you can’t be happy with what is going on (in our government, schools, marriages, etc.)! Please do something! Come Jesus/Yeshua come!”

The word for revival is actually not found in scripture. However, there are several impactful Bible events about when change did take place (a revival) within a community of people. Here are four examples. I hope you will take the time to read these passages in their entirety because, to save space, I’ve just used snippets of the actual verses. 

Samuel 7:1-6  "The people of Israel mourned and sought after the Lord…….(Samuel said) rid yourselves of the foreign gods and the Ashtoreths and commit yourselves to the Lord……"

Kings 18:1-7  "……(Hezekiah) did what was right in the eyes of the Lord…..He smashed the sacred stones and cut down the Asherah poles…..Hezekiah trusted in the Lord, the God of Israel"

Kings 22 (The story of King Josiah and the Book of the Law)   "…….When the king heard the words of the Book of the Law he tore his robes……“great is the Lord’s anger that burns against us because our fathers have not obeyed the words of this book”…."

Jonah 4:3-10  "…..Jonah proclaimed “40 more days and Nineveh will be overturned.” The Ninevites believed God….they declared a fast…..the king took off his royal robes and put on sackcloth (mourning)…..God had compassion on them….."

What I hope to convey is that for the Lord to bring about change or revival, we his people must do our part. We must be willing to repent. I get “frustrated” when 2 Chronicles 7:14 is quoted over & over again: “…if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” Why does this frustrate me? It’s not because I don’t believe the truth of this promise. I very much believe the promise. It’s because God’s people DO NOT humble themselves; we DO NOT turn away from wickedness. Sin abounds, effecting every facet of society – including believers. 

I think we could all agree that there is an enemy who’s desire is to kill, steal and destroy and who plots to thwart what God’s people are attempting or wanting to do. Does he want to rob believers of their joy, their effectiveness, their passion? Yes. Does it seem like the enemy is winning? Yes. Do we find ourselves believing his lies – after all, how can the Lord use someone like me? Yes. Well, guess what! The Lord can use someone like you AND the enemy WILL ultimately be defeated!!!

I truly believe God wants revival in Tucson; a turning back to honoring and glorifying our Lord. I wouldn’t be a part of the 4Tucson Prayer Domain platform if I did not believe this. My question is, and I include myself, do we listen to the lies of the enemy? How many little gods are in our lives? What within ourselves do we need to repent of? When was the last time we took an honest look at the following: how we treat one another; the content of our speech; holding grudges; judging others; the time we spend with God in his word; the time we spend in prayer; activities that take the place of God; and the list goes on? I write this not to guilt or shame anyone. I am convicting myself, causing me to examine my own walk with the Lord. 

As we get closer to the time of the High Holy Days, we don’t have to wait until 10 Days of Prayer to begin repenting. Perhaps we can begin now, to press into our Lord Savior and encourage our families, friends, our churches, and our communities to do the same. Perhaps we begin now to recognize the depth of God’s love for us and try to emulate Jesus/Yeshua as we engage with others. And what does that look like? In part, it is the praying of God’s word over people; the Fruits of the Spirit being reflected in what we do or say; willingly allow ourselves to be prompted to do or go, however the Lord directs; etc. Perhaps revival will begin when we, the pray-ers, the intercessors, the warriors, repent.

There will be a prayer fellowship on July 27th at 5 - 7PM at the 4Tucson location: 5151 E. Broadway 17th floor. I do hope to see you there. And, I will continue to share about the Days of Awe next week.


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