July 19, 2021
July 19 Government Domain Newsletter: Government Censorship 1

July 12 Government Domain Newsletter: Government Censorship

“So they watched him and sent spies, who pretended to be sincere, that they might catch him in something he said, so as to deliver him up to the authority and jurisdiction of the governor”.

Luke 20:20

Social media and private communications have been around for a long time. Public social media began with cave painting and hieroglyphics, then books, newspapers, progressing to radio, television and now the World Wide Web. Private communications are still performed by old time methods beginning with speaking in private, passing notes, mailing letters to phone calls and now email and texts.

Interruption of communications can have grave consequences. Let’s take the Bible story of the “Tower of Babble”. Early on, the world had one language. A group of people decided to build a tower to heaven. This displeased God. He gave them all different languages so they no longer could communicate with each other and thus couldn’t complete the project. God has the ability to change times and seasons because he is God and has a divine plan. But what happens when governments devise diabolical plans to disrupt an entire country’s ability to communicate privately and publicly?

Our founding fathers recognized that our right to individual free speech and public communication was an unalienable right. This right ties directly to our freedom of religion. Our thought and conscience is sacred. This is why the very first amendment to our US Constitution protects our right of freedom of speech, the press and freedom of religion.

In recent years our right to communicate freely, both publicly and privately has been trampled on by our federal government in collusion with corporate oligarchs. It began with the Patriot Act. After 9-11 our government empowered itself the ability to spy on all private communication with the cooperation of communications companies. They did this without amending the US Constitution.

Now, through executive action, any conversation about the pandemic will be scrutinized for what the government deems true or false. Social media platforms, in exchange for the unfettered ability to enjoy monopoly status, are willingly censuring our free speech. 

Television talk show host, Tucker Carlson, is having his private texts read by government spy agencies for undoubtedly nefarious reasons. President Trump suffered an even higher degree of spying before and after he was elected. Social media platforms have banned him indefinitely. Any American citizen who opposed the government’s policy is at risk of being labeled insurrectionists by government officials. 

There is only one truth, that’s God’s truth. If the government is allowed to determine scientific truth on social media platforms, they can determine what we say in church. Our neighbor Canada already has labeled certain biblical truths “hate speech”.

At this moment Cubans are protesting oppressive communist rule. The first thing the Cuban government did to suppress the voice of the people was close down the internet, cell phones, television and radio coverage. I tell you with great trepidation, if we allow our government to continue with tyrannical suppression of speech and thought; we are not far behind Cuba.  

Paul Parisi
Director-Government Domain 

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