January 11, 2022 Prayer Domain Newsletter: Music and Movement Day 1

Music and Movement Day

January 11, 2022

As I wrote last week, I recently returned from a solo road trip to Texas. While the drive was long, it proved to be a delightful time with the Lord. But it is really what I experienced on the way home that I want to share with you. For my birthday, my daughter gave me the Laments CD by City Psalms. I found myself listening to it basically from Kerrville Texas to Texas Canyon Arizona (about 700 miles). I was very much impressed with the passion I heard in their music. Now, those who know me well, know that I do not impress easily. (A regrettable confession, indeed.) I wanted to be able to share my “testimony” on this, but I also know the responsibilities and the integrity I must have towards this platform of the newsletter which has been entrusted to me. However, sometimes you just know that you know that you know that you have to do or say something. And we know that the answer will always be no if the question is not asked. So, I went to 4Tucson’s leadership requesting permission to share.

If you do not know of City Psalms, I hope you will check them out – especially if the Lord uses music in your prayer life to draw you close to Him. This is a local ministry with their music focusing on prayers of intercession for Tucson. In the Laments CD, I heard the pain and frustration that so many of us have with regards to the issues we face (or are perhaps unaware of) in our city. There were words crying out to the Lord (as in Lamentations), “when will the world be set right” or “we lift up our eyes to you, come heal our home”. Have we ever felt like that; have we ever prayed these words in our own prayer times? Also, words that lead the listener to resting and trusting in our Lord, "your love, your love is always there". From their website we read, “Our prayer is that these songs, these Laments, provide a space for people to see Jesus in the midst of confusion and doubt, grief and sorrow, injustice and loss.” I am including a link to this music on their website. LAMENTS | City Psalms Main I pray that it will bless you as much as it continues to bless me. And in a way that only the Lord can move, He used their music to bring alive, within me, the need for joy – His Joy, Unspeakable Joy!

In less than 10 days will be Movement Day 2022. A plethora of information can be gleaned from the Movement Day link below. I hope you will check it out and, if you are feeling prompted by the Holy Spirit, attend. This event will give people an opportunity to connect with others and join in the mission to address systemic problems.  If you have an interest in Economic Opportunities, Poverty Reduction, or Housing, please consider attending. Again, more information can be found in the link below. As with anything, prayer must be an integral part of this. There will be a time of prayer at New Life Community Church, 3367 North Geronimo, from 5:30 to 6:30 pm on Wed. January 19th. I hope that you will consider joining us in praying on site for God’s glory to be manifested during this event. 

Also, I hope you will continue to pray over the prayer requests listed in the link below called Movement Day Tucson Prayer Points. As the Prayer newsletter often reaches upwards of 300 people, I put forth a daunting prayer request that each person who opens this newsletter will participate in praying for Movement Day. So far, 14 people have opened the link. Super!! Thank you!! Let us increase this 10-fold. Can the Lord take care of all things on His own with regards to Movement Day? Of course, He can! But He wants to partner with those who want to partner with Him. You are receiving and reading this newsletter for a reason. Let us commit to praying whether it is for 1 minute or one hour. Let us be a part of what the Lord wants to do in and through 4Tucson and Movement Day. We may not see the “big picture” but our Lord does. How awesome to be a part of what He is doing within our city and what He will do through Movement Day.

Blessings & Shalom,

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