January 03, 2022
January 03, 2022 Government Domain Newsletter: New Year - Thank you Blessing Breakfast Sponsors 1

January 03, 2022 Government Domain Newsletter: New Year - Thank you Blessing Breakfast Sponsors

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”.

Jeremiah 29:11


My father often told me “you can be disappointed but never be discouraged”. That wisdom has always inspired me to be as courageous as possible when facing adversity.

2021 was a year where our nation and the world faced great challenges. From a second year of pandemic to surging inflation and supply chain shortages, we still have tremendous hope that 2022 will be a year of transformation.
In our republic “we the people” choose our representatives. “We the people” limit the power those representatives have over us and “we the people,” through free and open elections, have the right and authority to take back that power if our representatives violate the limits of power granted to them.

This past year we have been subjected to outrageous over reach by government at all levels in the guise of public good. Fiscal irresponsibility and failed policy by our federal government is causing the value of the dollar to tumble. Yes, we can turn this ship around in the 2022 elections, but there is much in the spiritual realm we can do in the mean time.

Every year, Center for Arizona Policy and Bridge Builders International lead a prayer walk at the Arizona Capitol. This year it will be next Monday January 10th, the opening day of the Arizona legislative session. 4Tucson is participating with One Cry Tucson who has chartered a bus from Tucson to the State Capitol in Phoenix to join the 7am prayer walk. Seats on the bus are first come so learn more and register for this fun bus ride and inspirational prayer walk.

On January 20th and 21st 4Tucson is hosting Movement Day. Join city leaders as we work to bring about poverty reduction and economic development to a Tucson City neighborhood.

In the last few months, businesses, organizations and individuals have stepped up to sponsor the 4Tucson Blessing Breakfast for First Responders and Elected Officials to be held January 28, 2022 at the El Conquistador Tucson Resort. With all your help, all first responders can attend for free. We still have many sponsored seats available for first responders and for guests to attend by purchasing tickets. Join us as we bless and honor our first responders who protect and serve us and the elected officials who strongly promote public safety. My thanks to our co-sponsor, the100Club, Premiere sponsor, HSL Properties and all the table sponsors and donors who are making this event possible.

This year at the state capitol, 4Tucson will once again join others to champion school choice, religious liberty, pro family and sensible criminal justice reform legislation. With God on our side, “we the people” will preserve liberty, freedom and prosperity. 

Paul Parisi
Director-Government Domain 

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