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In 1949 George Orwell wrote the famous novel 1984. When I was in school, this book was required reading, not so anymore. Could it be because the content is closer to reality than the fictional novel it was intended to be?

1984 was written as a warning of what could happen in a totalitarian society. The story tells of a country, Oceania, where every person’s action is watched by the oppressive “Big Brother”. One of the tools of the fictional government to control people is the ‘Ministry of Truth.’

Oceania’s Ministry of Truth controls the news media, entertainment, fine arts and educational books. In the event “Big Brother”, makes a gross mistake, the Ministry of Truth rewrites history to fit the government narrative. There is no absolute truth in Oceania.

I watched the news in disbelief as the Secretary of the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Alejandro Mayorkas, testified to Congress that he and his unelected bureaucrats had the audacity to have established a “Disinformation Governance Board.” Tell me, how does the most heavily armed civilian police force in the country, a branch of the federal government, have the power to usurp the authority to determine what is truth?

Mayorkas said they would be concentrating on disinformation being spread in minority communities. It is unclear who is allegedly spreading what he considers disinformation or why he feels minority communities are more prone to receiving disinformation. We, the American people, are certainly getting a lot of disinformation from Mayorkas as he claims the Mexican border is under control, only to see literally millions of foreign nationals, drug dealers and human traffickers flood across the Southern border. 

When God’s finger guided the pen of our founding fathers as they wrote the Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution, they never would have dreamed that our inalienable rights would be put in such jeopardy by tyrants who view the expression of free speech as a threat to the security of our nation. Our founding fathers derived the basis of our rights from God's truth.

What is most troubling is there are many in government that are joined by the main stream news media, the entertainment industry, big tech, social media and educational institutions who are actually censuring free speech and rewriting history to reflect the administrations narrative. Is this what George Orwell warned us about over 70 years ago?

Orwell wrote 1984 early in the cold war era. Rather than burn books as Hitler did, Orwell predicted that totalitarian governments would rewrite history as they were doing in Russia at that time and continue to this day. Right here in America, revisionists are rewriting history to fit a divisive narrative. The NY Times 1619 Project is a prime example of a distorted view of history. Will our Disinformation Governance Board follow the play book of 1984’s Ministry of Truth? Orwell wrote: “Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.”

No way is this newly created Disinformation Governance Board derived from the consent of the people. Neither was the concept deliberated and voted on by Congress or dictated by executive order. This action, by DHS, shows utter contempt for “We the People” and must be stopped immediately. To show the absurdity of the people running the Disinformation Governance Board, here is a Video of the Disinformation Governance Board, Executive Director, Nina Jankowicz, explaining her long held views on ‘disinformation’, by singing to a Mary Poppins’ tune.

If these are the people who derive their authority from us, the American people, I think it’s time we take back that power on Election Day 2022

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