If a person can overcome challenges and thrive, why can't a community? 1
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Have you seen a life transformed? Few things inspire us more than the story of someone who finds friends who help them achieve a seemingly impossible dream. But is this possible for a whole community?

What would you say if we told you this has happened in Tucson?

25 years ago, there was a vision for transitional housing that would transform the lives of men coming out of prison. Out of an empty lot, a community was built that is still thriving today!

We need more real-life stories like this in our city. That's why we are drawing together people like you - people who can work together to help Tucson neighborhoods thrive.

We are sharing a real-life story of community transformation with you. It's called "Casa Santa Clara" and it's an inspiration for us. It is also a blueprint.

Since no two communities are the same, the blueprint for helping a neighborhood thrive is not a single project or program, it is a way of working together.

We convene diverse perspectives to create customized plans for a neighborhood to thrive. These plans are based on the neighborhood's unique needs, challenges and resources. Residents and leaders work together for the long-term goals the community wants and needs.

At Movement Day Tucson, this means helping a community reach its own seemingly impossible dreams. We're working together on January 20th and 21st to create custom plans with the Amphi Community! Your perspective is needed and wanted here.

If a person can overcome challenges and thrive, why can't a community? 2

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