How the Fundraising Challenge Works 1

How the Fundraising Challenge Works

4Tucson's Fundraising Challenge utilizes a platform that enables participants to invite everyone in their email contact list to support our mission. It is a simple process of registering on the platform, uploading your personal contacts and sending them a few pre-written emails.

Our fundraiser lasts several months, culminating in two celebration events. Participants can celebrate their successes in fundraising at the Gaslight Theater or with a round of golf! Prizes are also given to those individuals and teams who raised the most funds.

This process has proven to be very effective in raising significant funds for our mission to biblically transform Tucson. It has also been a great way of drawing people together who want to use their influence for God's Kingdom in our city.

If you want to be connected with this community and see updates on how the funds are being used to make impacts in Tucson, click on one of the links below.

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