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Last Thursday I had the pleasure of attending the Hispanic Chamber’s Mayor’s Summit held at the Linda Ronstadt Music Hall in downtown Tucson. Seven mayors from both sides of our southern border were in attendance. Present were Hermosillo Mayor Jesus Alfonso Montano Durazo, Guaymas Mayor Karla Cordova-Gonzalez, Hermosillo Mayor Astiazaran-Gutierez, Nogales Sonora Mayor Juan Francisco Gim, Nogales AZ Mayor Arturo Garino, Sahuarita Mayor Tom Murphy, Oro Valley Mayor Joe Winfield and Tucson Mayor Regina Romero.
Most of the conversation was around the relationship and trade between Arizona and Mexico. Without a doubt, Mexico is Arizona’s biggest trading partner, producing over $16 billion in trade.
Mayor Romero had to leave before the summit was over to attend the Tucson City Council meeting. After she left, the mayors were asked what made their cities great to live in. The Arizona mayors all stated that public safety was their greatest priority, making it the largest share of their budgets. Oro Valley is the safest town in Arizona with Sahuarita close behind. Even Nogales, which is right on the Mexican border has less than half the crime rate of the City of Tucson. Though Marana was not in attendance, it rates in the top 10 safest cities in Arizona. All agreed that economic development attributed directly to the safety of its citizens.
4Tucson has taken on a project to help Tucson’s Amphi Neighborhood prosper. We have created task forces to reduce poverty, increase economic opportunity and development and help to provide clean, safe and affordable housing. One of the greatest obstacles in neighborhood transformation is the extremely high crime rate.
As we just celebrated National Police Week, we see the need more than ever to stand behind all the men and women who protect and serve us. Being extremely understaffed, as the City of Tucson Police Department (TPD) is, makes their job even more difficult to fight crime.
In 2020, Black Lives Matters (BLM) demanded defunding the Tucson Police Department. Mayor Romero hung a gigantic BLM banner on City Hall in their support. 4Tucson had a call to action to stand behind our police. Many in the Tucson community voiced their opinions, both pro and con. The Mayor and Council heard your voices of support and not only didn’t defund TPD, they gave them a much needed pay raise. Thank you Tucson Mayor and Council.
Recently appointed Tucson Police Chief Chad Kasmar has a very difficult job. Under his leadership, In spite of low staffing, TDP is making great strides to add officers while keeping TDP one of the most professional police departments anywhere..
Let’s also not forget our Firefighters and EMT’s. All first responders need our support to keep us safe. The City of Tucson must make public safety the top priority so Tucson’s residence can be as safe as its neighboring cities and towns.

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