Casa Santa Clara Docuseries Episode 6: Next Generation of Dreamers
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4Tucson's Docuseries: Casa Santa Clara - a Story of Building Hope and Transforming Lives - is the true story of how housing and relationships transform lives that build strong communities.

Episode 6: Next Generation of Dreamers is available now. In this Episode, you'll hear the testimony of a man who was transformed through a relationship with Jesus.

Jon Godette had found a way to cope with his inner demons that involved wandering the desert with a bottle of tequila. That was his way of surviving, until he came to Casa Santa Clara and found the way to the peace he was always searching for.

Jon's life transformation took place over time and through a temporary housing program that included a bible study as an alternative to a 12 step program. As we learn in this episode, Jon's life was transformed - and he now changes other men's lives by sharing what he learned.

The house and program provided by Casa Santa Clara transformed generations. This ministry started by developing houses from an empty lot in Tucson over 20 years ago. That space has been filled with homes owned by families that each contribute to a thriving community.

This transformation that created a thriving community is what happened at Casa Santa Clara and it is something we want to repeat for Housing, Poverty Reduction and Economic Opportunity. We are working with the Amphi neighborhood, to help the community living there thrive. Will you join us? Will you be a part of community transformation?

Day One: January 20, 2022On the first day of our two-day event, you'll get up to speed on the progress we have made since the previous year's Movement Day Tucson and have the chance to develop new action steps. The first half of the day will focus on Poverty Reduction and the second half of the day will focus on Economic Opportunity and Development.

Day Two: January 21, 2022On the second day of our two-day event, leaders and residents will develop action steps for the Amphi neighborhood to thrive. The whole day, our work together will coincide with the launch of a new area of focus: Housing.

You can register for one, two, or all three events! We look forward to working with you, to help Tucson thrive, one neighborhood at a time.

Helping Tucson Thrive - One Neighborhood at a Time: Next Generation of Dreamers 1

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