Help Tucson Thrive - One Community at a Time 1
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"If you have a piece of land or a vacant lot, you can really transform that into something meaningful. You can literally build your dreams."

- Terry Galligan, Deputy Director of the City of Tucson'sHousing and Community Development Department

Great news! The most recent episode of our Docuseries is out. Better still, registration for Movement Day Tucson is live! Watch the docuseries and register for Movement Day Tucson now by clicking on the links below.

This year's Movement Day Tucson takes place January 20th and 21st, at New Life Community Church (3367 N. Geronimo Ave).

Every January, we convene leaders and residents to create customized plans that will help Tucson thrive, one neighborhood at a time. We examine the challenges a community is facing, utilize research and expertise, and hear the voice of the community. Together, we identify action steps to implement each year.

We look to their example as we focus on Housing in the Amphi Community on day two of our two-day event. On the first day of our event, we will focus on Poverty Reduction and Economic Opportunity in the Amphi Community.
Click on the Registration Options link below to select how you would like to be a part of building hope and transforming lives.

Join with us to engage with the amazing people of Amphi and the invested leaders of our city. Bring your creativity to build something transformational for a great community living in Tucson!

Help Tucson Thrive - One Community at a Time 2

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