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Healthy Families & Kids With Bright Futures

By: Lynda Robinson, Poverty Reduction Taskforce Manager

We are partnering with Resilient Kidz to provide facilitator training and curriculum for churches and schools to host parenting classes. The purpose of these classes is to develop healthier families, which will then also develop healthier kids.

We’re looking for people who are interested in learning about parenting or how to become better and more skilled at it. The classes will help them address their own issues potentially within it and develop into facilitators. And both of those things are addressing some of the systemic causes of poverty and families. As we create stronger families, we're going to create a stronger society. Our community is going to be stronger. And this is just getting things started. This is God-sized stuff going on.

When families struggle, it impacts the kids and what impacts the kids often determines their success or failure. When you look at the goal of poverty reduction that we have here at 4Tucson, it's trying to stop that pipeline of poverty, generational poverty. But until you understand what brings families to that point, and unless you help them fix some of those things, you don't even know how to really help kids pull out of that and recover from what they were born in.

We're letting God take the lead. I'm so excited about this, because I know it's going to be helpful and it's going to make a difference in families. And then there's another component that we’ll probably roll out - and it's all about marriage and fighting for your marriage. How many families are needing some help there? And how many people could have used some help to not go down the road of a family breaking up if they just had some tools to work with?

Transforming families and marriages saves futures for our kids and there is a way we can all help with that together.

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