Graduating High School

Description: The Poverty Reduction “Graduating High School” Transformation Team is designed to operationalize the policy recommendations of the Poverty Reduction Taskforce through the implementation and oversight of graduating high school programs and projects. Members of the Graduating High School Transformation Team will be focused on the following goals and objectives:

Goal: Increase graduation rates of students at partner schools by 5% per school partner per year for 3-years.


  1. Build Collaborative Partnerships with a Minimum of 10 Traditional or Alternative Schools to Help Students Graduate
  2. Build Collaborative Partnerships with a Minimum of 20 Churches and 10 Nonprofit Organizations That Deliver Direct Services (such as tutoring, mentoring, and parenting programs) to Students grades 6 – 12
  3. Build Relationships with a Minimum of 4 Government Officials  (within Pima County) Concerning the Importance of High School Graduation
  4. Build Public Awareness and Relations with the Larger Tucson Community (Utilizing the Media and Other Relevant Communication Outlets) Concerning the Transformation’s Efforts to Help Youth Graduate From High School
  5. Understand how graduation rates are measured

Strategic Partners: Las Artes

Volunteer Opportunities

  • TBD

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