June 28, 2021
June 28 Government Domain Newsletter: Arizona Budget Passed 1

June 28 Government Domain Newsletter: Arizona Budget Passed

"The Lord has established His throne in the heavens, And His sovereignty rules over all".

Proverbs 103:19
We had a fantastic Virtual Breakfast Friday with Center for Arizona Policy (CAP) President Cathi Herrod. Cathi gave us a detailed recap of what has transpired this year at the Arizona Capitol and what to look for in the future.

On Thursday the Arizona Legislature passed the biggest tax cut in Arizona history while adopting a flat tax that will benefit almost all Arizona workers. Also passed last week was HB 2035 that protects children and gives more rights to parents by prohibiting sex education before 5th grade, allowing parents to see what is being taught in schools and the ability to opt in rather than opting out of sex education. The governor still needs to sign this bill so please call him at 602 542-4331 and ask him to sign HB 2035.

One of CAP and 4Tucson’s goals was to pass meaningful school choice legislation. We were able to hold on to what we have but there are not enough strong legislators who support school choice. Let’s see what 2022 elections bring.

We did have two pro life bills signed by the Governor in April. SB 1457 prohibits abortion for genetic abnormalities and HB 2410 extends the period babies can be delivered to “safe haven” from 72 hrs. to 30 days.

CAP, with our support, was able to help stop many bad bills that would have been harmful to our Christian values.

Thank you Cathi Herrod and CAP for being such a strong fighter for school choice, life, religious liberty, marriage and family. To see more wins for the good guys, check out the Center for Arizona Policy Bill Tracker.

July 23rd will be our last virtual breakfast. Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) Chairperson Lea Marquez Peterson will be our guest speaker. The ACC regulates public utilities, incorporations of businesses and organizations, securities, rail road’s and pipelines. The ACC has a great impact on keeping our utilities plentiful, reliable and affordable.

I am pleased to announce that on August 27th, we will be going back to a live breakfast to be held at GAP Ministries, 2861 N. Flowing Wells Rd in Tucson. Looking forward to seeing all your smiling faces!

Paul Parisi
Director-Government Domain 

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