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Because of the support of members and donors, we are honored and humbled to share regular updates on the successes we're seeing in our efforts to align Tucson with God's ways. If you want to offer support financially, click here. If you want to serve as a volunteer, click here. If you are already supporting this amazing mission, thank you! Whether you currently support us or are just learning about us, we hope these God stories inspire you to live out your God given purpose and biblically transform Tucson!


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In January 2020, 4Tucson Government Domain and 100 Club of Southern AZ Mobilized an in-person Reception and Blessing Breakfast for Elected Officials and First Responders.  The event premier sponsor, HSL Properties, joined 30 businesses, organizations to sponsor 32 tables where close to 200 attendees received a Godly blessing and developed close ties with Elected Officials and First Responders.

4Tucson Government Domain Engaged Biblical Citizenship Committee Chairs, Piet and Mary Van de Mark, who became certified and facilitated 6 classes of Patriot Academy.  Over 40 attendees learned how our founding fathers were guided by God when they wrote the US Constitution and how we as biblical citizens can preserve our rights that have been given to us by God.


  • 4Tucson Government Domain partnered with the Christian Coalition of Tucson to Mobilize over 100 Christians in the Citywide Prayer and Fasting Night for the government in August 2020.
  • 4Tucson Government Domain collaborated with Tucson civic leaders to Mobilize Christians in the political process to successfully pass funding for the Tucson Police Department.
  • 4Tucson Government Domain Engaged with 15 organizations from the marketplace, church, schools and government to discuss racial equity and community policing.
  • 4Tucson Government Domain is Empowering Christians through the local church to become involved in the political process in our city through a non-partisan initiative called Cultural Impact Teams. Learn more at

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