Olga's New Roof

God is Good

God is Good

By Mark Harris

It is fun to watch God at work in people’s lives. It is even more fun to have a front row seat.

In October 2021, I wrote an article, “Who Are You Going To Listen To?” Lynda Robinson, our Poverty Reduction Taskforce Director said, “The article struck a chord in many people’s hearts. And that was particularly true for me.”

Lynda shared, “The message I heard was when God puts a big dream on your heart, don’t be afraid of it. He will provide the people, the resources, and the connections to accomplish that big dream.”  Soon after reading the article, Lynda was introduced to an 89-year-old widow named Olga. Olga is a longtime member of New Life Community Church of the Nazarene and an Amphi neighborhood resident. Olga shared that she desperately needed funds to have her house re-roofed. After listening to Olga’s story, Lynda had the thought, “we need to trust God to help Olga get a new roof.”

As Lynda shared Olga’s need, many thought her project was too aggressive, maybe not even possible. People would ask, “A whole new roof? That’s a lot of money… and we aren’t in the roofing business.” But Lynda remembered the article, Who Are We Going To Listen To?  Who was she going to listen to? Who put this dream in Lynda’s heart?

God puts big dreams in our hearts. Lynda prayed that God would bring the money, resources, and connections. Lynda said, “After several months, the right WHO’s showed up with the capacity and the desire to help. Colin and Rob Reilly, attended Movement Day to talk about housing needs in the Amphi Neighborhood. While there Colin learned about Olga’s situation. The Reilly’s own Townsend Kane. They buy, remodel and sell single family homes. While at Movement Day, Colin sent a crew out to Olga’s house to assess what needed to be done. Nothing more was said.

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On Wednesday, February 2nd, Olga called Lynda and said, “There are a bunch of guys here saying they were going to fix my roof. Is this for real?” By the end of the day, Olga had a completely new roof. Townsend Kane donated their time, their resources, and their roofing crew to complete the task. Olga has a new roof!

Lynda share with our staff, “Thanks to God for His loving provision and care for beautiful Olga!”

Olga asked that we thank all who donated to make this dream a reality for her. Through tears, she said, “Who do I thank? I finally have peace in my home, knowing that I won’t have water dripping through my ceiling when it rains.”

There are many others in the Amphi Neighborhood that need help. At Movement Day Tucson, we used a Design Thinking Process to Understand with Empathy, Generate Solutions, Ideate Prototypes and throughout the rest of 2022 will implement, test and measure outcomes. We want to develop a proven model that creates stability and helps people build wealth through home ownership in the Amphi Neighborhood.

We are now praying for God to raise up the right person to lead the Housing Taskforce. If you have a desire to use your talents, skills, expertise and influence in the area of housing, we need your help.

Since we do not have a fulltime director for Housing at this time, please email your interest to be a part of the team and your desire to make a positive difference to: info@4Tucson.com. We will reach out to you. Again, a big THANK YOU to Colin and Rob Reilly for their generosity and their desire to allow God to use their expertise in making a difference Olga’s life. I also want to thank everyone who participated and who made Movement Day Tucson a great success.

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