4Tucson CityChangers:

  • are United and Mobilized to align Tucson's structures and institutions with God's ways;
  • are Empowered to Put Biblical Principles Into Action;
  • engage the City's Most Systemic Problems.

Unity and Mobilization

This starts with knowing where God has called you. In our mission field, Tucson, we begin with 12 "spheres of influence", or Domains.


Empowerment to Put Biblical Principles into Action

This is where it all begins. Each Christian has a purpose written on their hearts by God - a way He has made for them to glorify Him. Some know this well, others need a little help clarifying their purpose.


Engaging the City's Most Systemic Problems

This is where the purpose of each Christian life works together, strategically, to transform the mission field, Tucson.

Mission Field
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