Kingdom Cultures Part 1: How to cultivate generosity

Generosity Expands God's Kingdom in Tucson 1

Generosity thrives in the congregation at Pantano Christian Church. In fact, generosity with God's spiritual and material gifts is part of the very culture. And that culture starts movements.

One such movement took place early in 2018 when the lead pastor, Glen Elliott, challenged the whole congregation to support the growth of other churches. It was during this service that six pastors were given the chance to address the congregation at Pantano.

The pastors (listed below) introduced themselves, their churches, and the communities they serve. Afterwords, the pastors asked for help to serve their communities.

In response, 100 Pantano Church congregants volunteered to serve these other churches' communities. As a result of this call to action, one lead pastor reported that 34 people volunteered at Hope City Church. Many  volunteers came from Pantano, and some came from Alive Church.

video of launching passionate people, a sermon
CLICK HERE to watch Glen's message.

Here are the six Pastors and the churches they represent:

“A culture is this feel, it’s what’s normal, what’s valued, what’s reinforced, what’s celebrated. We intentionally created this culture that has way more power than one message, than one program.” - Pastor Elliott

When Christians hear stories of lives transformed through their brothers and sisters in Christ, they begin to believe God can do the same work through them. The response to this belief is to answer God's calling, and apply talents and godly passion to serve in the mission field. In this way, the culture of generosity catalyzes believers’ stepping up. Through these individuals' stories, whole churches become inspired and catch a vision - a book of Acts vision.

Once the vision has taken hold of churches, they see their communities as their mission field. Suddenly, a calling is within reach, it can be done. Believers who believe they can glorify God with their lives will experience these Kingdom movements. When that happens, the whole Church in Tucson becomes more united. With a Church unified, it begins transforming Tucson.

To watch the video of the pastors addressing Pantano's congregation, click on the picture above. Also, if you'd like to learn how you can be a part of our city transformation movement, click HERE.

However God leads you to fulfill your calling in Tucson, we hope the stories of other believers will encourage you to take the first step. You have a uniquely meaningful place in transforming Tucson, and there are believers who would love to work alongside you!

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