4Tucson kicked off its first Taskforce Fellowship on April 23rd, at Big Heart Coffee. The fellowship established connections between taskforces and people not yet connected to city transformation work.

Taskforces are groups of Christians who are 4Tucson volunteers. They serve as generalists and specialists that analyze, investigate and work to solve specific city challenges, or Focus Areas. 4Tucson has identified 22 Focus Areas and categorized them into three types: Moral & Cultural Heritage, Community & Family Stability, and City Infrastructure. For more information, click here.

The Taskforce Fellowship was organized by Tony Simms, VP of Taskforces and Ed Noble, Community and Family Stability Coordinator. They wanted to give taskforce chairpersons the opportunity to meet with Tucsonans who have an interest in contributing to city transformation. The taskforce chairs introduced the city data they’ve collected, met with people and listened to their feedback. The fellowship was a communal interaction where taskforce chairs could understand peoples’ passions, talents and perspectives, while allowing for discussion of ideas on how to transform Tucson through strategic, collaborative work in these Focus Areas.

The fellowship brought people together to discuss three taskforces: Fun Place to Live, Parenting, and Poverty Reduction. Ideas of what programs will be required to make these taskforces successful were discussed, as well as what nonprofit agencies could collaborate with them, and how volunteers can be recruited. Tony Simms said, “The most important thing was getting people together, get a feel for what they’re passionate about, where they want to work, how they see the city and see if there’s a connection for them in a taskforce.”

Much was accomplished in the first Taskforce Fellowship, including potential volunteer and leader connections. God is at work bringing people together in strategic positions to address Tucson’s most difficult and systemic problems with biblical solutions. If you want to learn more about taskforces or are interested in joining one, please contact Ed Noble at ed@4tucson.com

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