“This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends.”

– John 15:12-13

Fellowship with a few close friends in Christ is transformational. Through this fellowship, you have strong support through good times or bad, to continue pursuing Jesus. You also have several godly perspectives speaking into your life to sharpen you and strengthen your faith.

If you’re one of the many Christians seeking fellowship with a few close friends, a great way to start is by asking God, “How can I be a good friend to the brothers or sisters you’re calling me to?”

It’s hard to find a good friend because it’s hard to be a good friend. It’s even more difficult to keep friendships going strong. Fellowship with a few close friends to mutually cultivate and spur on spiritual growth must be anchored in God. For this reason, a great place to start is with the affections you have for Him.

What does Jesus mean to you personally? That question itself is the subject for great devotional material. Write your thoughts down and reflect on them in prayer. Think of how you might share why you love Jesus with a brother or sister in Christ – someone specific the Spirit leads you to. Then ask them why they love Jesus and how they came to know Him.

A good friend listens. Listen to the response you get with the intention of truly understanding what most deeply stirs the other person’s longing for the Lord. Explore your shared affections for God in conversation and pray for one another that God would deepen these longings for Him and that they would produce abundant fruit.

Imagine a cord of three strands tied together in this way. Imagine what could be if you all pressed into a deeper relationship with God together, in this spirit of fellowship. Think of the wonderful fruit that would be produced among a few brothers or a few sisters in Christ who continue in this fellowship.

The solid foundation of friendship, as in any relationship, is Jesus Himself. Ask God to help you share what He really means to you, from the heart. And ask Him for wisdom concerning who to share this story with, for the blessing of loving another as the friend you want to be. Trust God to provide the fellowship you’ve been seeking.

Would you pray with us?

Father, thank you for calling me to yourself and to fellowship with a few close friends. I ask that you richly bless me with a beautiful, Christ-centered, fulfilling and fruitful fellowship. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

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