MarriageTeam Couple Coach Training 1

Live, Virtual training event, with 5 real-life coaching experiences. Free will offering at the conclusion.

2 weekends, 24 hours of training. More information, full schedule and registration at or call 360 450-6042. Training is for couples who want a marriage ministry together. MarriageTeam provides the support and materials you will need to strengthen and save marriages. 89% of the couples considering divorce decide not to after completing coaching with MarriageTeam lay coach couples. Serve couples in your church and community.

100% of the couples who complete the training say they would recommend it to another couple. Testimonials from prior trainees in Tucson:

"A breath of fresh air in Christian training"

"I have trained two other marriage programs for 10 years . . . the coaching dynamic is tremendously more effective for implementing the skills"

"This training has just blown us away and already transformed our outlook on our marriage. It's a whole new way of thinking."

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