4Tucson Housing Taskforce Empathy Mapping

This January, 4Tucson is gathering business and non-profit leaders to collaborate with residents to create long-term solutions that help the Amphi neighborhood to reach its goals. By sharing your firsthand experiences of living in the Amphi neighborhood, we can learn the specific challenges that need to be addressed around housing, which is a key to healthy communities. We want to learn what you: See, Hear, Think and Feel about the condition of housing, rates, availability, etc.

Optional: 4Tucson is also producing a video to introduce participants at Movement Day Tucson 2022 to the Amphi community.  If you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts on camera, please come to the discussion prepared to share one or two key takeaways about the housing conditions in Amphi and/or what you would like to see change. This video will be shared publicly, including on our social media and website. Contact Elizabeth Wilson at [email protected] for any questions.

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