Comprehensive Sexuality Education

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4Tucson is proud to have Bernadette Gruber with Protect Arizona Children's Coalition

Tucson Unified School District is now teaching Planned Parenthood style Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) to its students. Bernadette will explain the harmful effects of CSE on young people and what we can do to combat TUSD and other school districts from sexualizing our children.

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Bernadette Gruber, 
Protect Arizona Children's Coalition

After being on the TUSD Sex Education Advisory Committee since 2016, Bernadette Gruber is convinced like never before that there is an all out assault on our children to rob them of their health and their future. Unfortunately, this attack on children has infiltrated our schools under the guise of Comprehensive Sexuality Education or CSE. Comprehensive Sexuality Education is designed to change the sexual and gender norms of society by indoctrinating the rising generation in radical gender ideologies. It promotes high risk sexual behaviors to children and encourages even the youngest of children to experiment sexually while ignoring the research showing negative outcomes for sexually active children.

Bernadette Gruber has joined the Protect Arizona Children Coalition to protect the health and innocence of children by exposing the harmful nature of comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) and preventing any such materials, programs or ideologies from being distributed, implemented or promoted in Arizona schools. She is not alone. Thousands of concerned citizens across our state are doing the same.

Bernadette Gruber is a wife and mother of four children. She cares deeply about children and has served in many capacities in the education field over the past 14 years. Most recently, for the past eight years, she served as the Education Domain Director and then the Director of Domain Development with 4Tucson. Prior to her involvement with 4Tucson, she held the position of Arizona State Coordinator for a national organization called Gateways to Better Education. She has a passion for equipping Christians to confidently live out their faith in school, work, and public arena. She was instrumental in establishing Arizona's first Religious Freedom Day Proclamation signed by Governor Brewer in January 2011 and she was the recipient of the 2015 Community Renewal Salt and Light Award

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