Join us for a hike starting from Madera Canyon(Mt. Wrightson Picnic Area). We will have two difficulty levels that are available. Part of the group will be stopping at Josephine Saddle and the other will hike all the way to the peak of Mount Wrightson. 

It is 4.5 miles(~2.2 each way) round-trip to Josephine Saddle and an additional 6 miles (3 each way) round trip to the summit. These hikes are moderately strenuous due to the elevation gain but the beautiful views are worth the sore muscles.

The Mt. Wrightson Picnic area is about an hour from Tucson and is a fee use area that charges $8 per vehicle.

Please consider carpooling from Tucson or Green Valley.

Have questions? Contact David Danson at [email protected]

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