Coupled Resiliency 1

First Responder Relationships can be strained - whether it’s the everyday stress of a high-paced, demanding job or the more major trauma of living through an incident.

What does “resiliency” really mean? And do you really have what it takes to bounce back?

Join this workshop to learn how to embrace the stressors around us, overcome and thrive in the process, and maybe pick up a few communication tips too!

Registration includes training, lunch, materials, and more!


Coupled Resiliency 2

Mike and Kelley Meshirer

Kelley comes to us with a public relations, fundraising and a non-profit management background, having worked with various organizations throughout the United States over the last 23 years. After meeting her husband Michael, who was at the time a Federal Air Marshal, they moved to the Southwest from the Washington D.C. to start a life together.

They have been nearly married 16 years and for the duration of their relationship, Michael has been in Federal Law Enforcement. Kelley knew she was signing up for a wild ride, but little did she know how wild it would be as Michael has fallen out of helicopters, off of cliffs, over bridges and has been shot multiple times while on duty. Vicarious trauma is something Kelley has learned to live with and from that has developed the necessary resiliency to survive a very dynamic life.

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