COPE (Cost of Poverty Experience) - August 2022 1

The Cost of Poverty Experience provides an opportunity to learn and engage with other people committed to serving children and families in your community. These experiences were developed by one of our partner organizations, Think Tank, Inc., who co-designed COPE with individuals and families living in low-income communities who bravely shared their stories. Their experiences give participants a glimpse into what it is like to live below the poverty line and shatter stereotypes often perpetuated by mass media. The simulation also captures the role that the broader community often plays in their interactions with low-income families.

For many communities, COPE serves as a powerful springboard to launch CarePortal and mobilize local churches and individuals to more effectively serve. CarePortal’s team can help facilitate COPE for your community or work with you to identify and train a facilitator to offer this transformative experience.

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