Unify the City in Prayer

10 Days is a call to stop and rest in the presence of God. It includes worship, prayer, fasting, and fellowship among believers with a focus on repentance, humility, praying for God’s promises, and mourning for our sins and the state of our world.

10 Days 2020 is from September 19-28; 24 hours / for 10 days from sundown to sundown.

We will start on September 19th at GAP Ministries to kickoff of the 10 day event. The rest of the 10 days will be at locations around the city.

Click HERE for information about 10Days!

This is celebrated simultaneously in cities around the world on an annual basis!

Contact Esther Verdugo for more information. [email protected]

An Introduction to 10 Days of Prayer

Local churches & Ministries involved:

  1. To-Go Christian Church
  2. Hope Church
  3. Hope of Glory Ministries
  4. The Ark International Ministries
  5. Siloam Christian Church
  6. Awoke Ministries
  7. The Gate Church
  8. Serve Tucson
  9. The Gate Church
  10. Vineyard Christian Community
  11. Gospel Rescue Mission Woman’s Shelter
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