LaKisha Deon

LaKisha Deon

Office Phone: 520-745-4404

Prior to coming on-board with 4Tucson I was a faculty member at Western Governors University, College of Business in Accounting, where I mentored adult learners through their bachelor’s degree programs.

My education includes a BLS in 2001, an MBA in 2005, Minister Training from 2012-2015, Military Leadership School in 2012 and Squadron Officer School in 2013.

I have 22 years of business, sales, and academic experience, with ten of those years in the federal government. Before my employment with WGU, I worked as Knowledge Operations Management Chief for the U.S. Air Force, United Kingdom. I managed Air Force information as an Installation Records, FOIA, and Privacy Act Manager throughout 16 Joint Forces Commands. My team of network security managers and knowledge operators established benchmarks and guidelines that I shared with military commands throughout Europe and the United States. I was recognized “Best in the United States Air Force Europe” during my tenure.

As a civilian serving with the U.S. Armed Forces overseas, I worked as an associate professor for the Pacific & Europe military college satellite campuses; in Okinawa for four years and England for five. My combined professional experience in government and the civilian sector provided a broad perspective of applying business concepts to others as well as inspiring students to complete their educational and career goals.

I have had the privilege to work closely with Key Decision Makers in the civilian and Government sector as a Business Consultant, Advisor, and Supervisor Analyst. Through these separate occurrences, I notice an untapped market for professional women who often would ask questions about how to maintain a serious professional appearance among their peers. Out of regular encounters of conversations centered around professional in England the winter of 2013 I open my business which provides women with professional appearance consulting. What started as a hobby and quick 5 minutes chats after broad meetings or weekly Command Post Briefing has turned into a profitable business. Within the first six months of activity, I experienced a 60% increase of clientele with a steady 15% increase each month. The success came from merely Loving God and Loving people.

I have experienced the joys and challenges of owning my own business.  I understand first-hand the sacrifices that it takes when you give birth to a dream divinely implanted. The efforts and struggles the whole family goes through as you step out on faith to see a vision come to fruition. Today my husband and I are in the plans of expanding this business where others will be blessed through the services.

I am a partner with 4Tucson and a member of the American Society of Access Professionals and the Institute of Management Accountants.

I am an international speaker on topics such as life balance, protecting personal information, organizational process improvement, but most importantly applying God’s word to our everyday context. I am a military spouse, mother of four and member of Pantano Christian Church.

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