Equipping For Discipleship

Discipleship Equipping Process for 4Tucson Members
  1. Spiritual Gifts Assessment – www.SpiritualGiftsTest.com
  2. Temperament Assessment – https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test
  3. Strengths Assessment – https://www.gallup.com/cliftonstrengths/en/home.aspx
  4. Leadership Assessment –
  5. Developing a Life Purpose Statement
  6. Core Values

Personal Mission Statement

Additionally, each person needs a mission for his or her life. The alignment of your life mission with your organization’s mission is one of the key factors determining whether you are happy with your work and workplace.

If your personal and organizational mission statements are congruent, you are most likely happy with your choice of work. Take the time to develop your mission statement for your own life; compare your personal mission statement with the mission statement of your organization. Do the mission statements meld?

The Impact of Your Personal Values

If you think about your own life, your values form the cornerstones for all that you do, think, believe and accomplish. Your personal values define where you spend your time if you are truly living your values.

Each of you makes choices in life according to your most important four to ten values. Take the time to identify what is most important to you and your organization. Identify and live your values. Manifest your values through value statements.

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